Cultivating a bond between horse & human through positive reinforcement, clicker training, and allowing the individual to flourish.



My aspiration is to instill a sense of faith among riders, young and old.

A faith that they have the power of choice. And so do their horses — no matter the discipline.

I want to challenge equestrians to try something new, different, & potentially, their new favorite way to interact & work with their horses. I want to encourage equestrians to take their careers or hobbies as equestrians into their own hands & dismiss the norm of dependency on “Conventional Wisdom” — Conventional Wisdom is often used to justify actions instead of fact: “That’s they way it’s always been done,” “It seems logical,” & “It’s what everyone does.”

Be hesitant to blindly follow the words of others, and instead, hear, digest, and consider them. Then, embark on your own journey to discover & learn. The power in knowledge is extraordinary.

Explore the why’s of training. Investigate how your horse learns best. Incorporate a liberated philosophy & practice around as much force-free / autonomous training for your horse as possible. Research, learn, & understand so that you can control your own relationship between you & your horse. For guidance as to where in the world to start, see my carefully curated resources page to begin your journey! Then, make your own call on what’s right for you both!

My goal is to give you as the reader, the rider, the horse-lover, the equestrian, the tools you need to ask questions, discover your own voice, & create a world for your horse where fear is no longer something you offer, but instead, you offer empowerment.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin


  • Inspire others to delve into the science behind why all animals learn the way they do.

  • Give equestrians the knowledge needed to make an informed decision as to which methods would work best for & with their horses.

  • Allow equestrians to discover a way to work with horses using the least intrusive, minimally aversive approach (LIMA).

  • Supply horses with the autonomy, choice, & freedom to say, “No.”

  • Discover the horse’s desire to play, experience, & enjoy learning.

  • Respect the not only the horse’s physical welfare, but also his mental welfare.

  • Create a working relationship between horse & rider that is rewarding to both.

  • Restore a horse’s innate personality, demeanor, and joy.

  • Bring harmony & kindness to horses and their humans.

What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.
— Albert Einstein