(+R) Positive Reinforcement Horse Training Resources

Here's a list of books, websites, podcasts, explanations, myths debunked, videos, and tools for training in this incredible humane way. Have a look at them & begin your journey into a more willing & joyful relationship with your horse!

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Humane, Science-based Horse TraininG

An excellent How-To style starter book for beginning +R training.

Behavior Modification for Horses

Wonderful if you aren’t ready to try clicker training. Provides a wonderful explanation of how to properly use both -R & +R.

Reaching the Animal Mind

Incredible book for understanding +R history & application.

Don’t Shoot the dog

No review yet.

Language Signs & Calming Signals of Horses

An absolute must for horse owners to better understand their equine counter parts & avoid misunderstanding.

equine behavior in mind

No review yet.

Teaching Horses with Positive Reinforcement

No review yet.

You Can Train Your Horse to Do Anything

No review yet.

How 2 Train a ____

No review yet.

Check out my review video on these products & why I’ve switched!

Check out my video discussing the explanation of +R, how I got started, addressing common misconceptions, & six tips for beginners!



$13.99 — DuMOR Alfalfa Timothy Pellets ☼ https://www.tractorsupply.com // https://www.tractorsupply.com


$13.95 — Buoy Target ☼  Link

$13.95 — Buoy Target ☼ Link

$7 — Treat Pouch ☼  Link

$7 — Treat Pouch ☼ Link

$6.99 — Clickers ☼  Link

$6.99 — Clickers ☼ Link

$87.94 — Best Friend Bareback Pad ☼  Link

$87.94 — Best Friend Bareback Pad ☼ Link

$14.49 — Treat Pouch ☼  Link

$14.49 — Treat Pouch ☼ Link

$171.95 — LG Bitless ☼  Link

$171.95 — LG Bitless ☼ Link

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The Willing Equine ☼ thewillingequine.com

Fair Horsemanship ☼ fairhorsemanship.com

Liberty Horsemanship ☼ libertyhorsemanship.com

Equiosity ☼ equiosity.com

IAABC ☼ m.iaabc.org

The Clicker Center ☼ theclickercenter.com


Curated +R Training Video Playlist


Clicker in the Equine World — www.clickertraining.com

Starter Tips — www.thewillingequine.com/singl…

What is it? — www.fairhorsemanship.com/arti...

The Power of +R — www.thewillingequine.com/sing...

How Does it Make the Horse Behave? — horse-charming.com...

How Does it Fit into Horse Training?— horse-canada.com/ma…


Video Series on Youtube

Watch as Zo & I grow together through the power of choice that positive reinforcement training gives the both of us.



Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover 2019

Watch Make it Work aka “Mac” be retrained from racehorse to positive reinforcement connoisseur!

Check out #ZoeAtLiberty on my Instagram to see our progress training with Positive Reinforcement!