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New Episode every Tuesday

Equine In Theory is my new podcast! The podcast follows the real-time journey of equestrian Jill Treece (me). Hopefully, you'll find me mildly entertaining while you drive to the barn, clean stalls, etc.

Each week I'll be discussing topics regarding an ethical & science-based approach to horse training primarily centered around positive reinforcement (+R) & clicker training. I'll detail the plans & outcomes of my training sessions as well as explanations of the content I'm reading as I go!

I'm thrilled to have a place to vent this information (I’m sure my family & friends are too)! I hope you'll enjoy it or at least listen to most of it.

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New Videos Every Monday

Join us on YouTube for a new video content every Monday if the podcast & Instagram avenues just aren’t enough! I post quite a wide variety of videos to say the least!


New posts everyday

Daily posts to keep you as up to date as possible on our journey!